libIEC61850  1.1.2
Open-source IEC 61850 MMS/GOOSE/SV server and client library
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hal_ethernet.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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typedef struct sEthernetSocket * EthernetSocket
 Opaque handle that represents an Ethernet "socket". More...


void Ethernet_getInterfaceMACAddress (const char *interfaceId, uint8_t *addr)
 Return the MAC address of an Ethernet interface. More...
EthernetSocket Ethernet_createSocket (const char *interfaceId, uint8_t *destAddress)
 Create an Ethernet socket using the specified interface and destination MAC address. More...
void Ethernet_destroySocket (EthernetSocket ethSocket)
 destroy the ethernet socket More...
void Ethernet_sendPacket (EthernetSocket ethSocket, uint8_t *buffer, int packetSize)
void Ethernet_setProtocolFilter (EthernetSocket ethSocket, uint16_t etherType)
int Ethernet_receivePacket (EthernetSocket ethSocket, uint8_t *buffer, int bufferSize)
 receive an ethernet packet (non-blocking) More...
bool Ethernet_isSupported (void)
 Indicates if runtime provides support for direct Ethernet access. More...