libIEC61850  1.1.2
Open-source IEC 61850 MMS/GOOSE/SV server and client library
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hal_thread.h File Reference
#include <stdbool.h>

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typedef struct sThread * Thread
typedef void * Semaphore
typedef void *(* ThreadExecutionFunction) (void *)


Thread Thread_create (ThreadExecutionFunction function, void *parameter, bool autodestroy)
 Create a new Thread instance. More...
void Thread_start (Thread thread)
 Start a Thread. More...
void Thread_destroy (Thread thread)
 Destroy a Thread and free all related resources. More...
void Thread_sleep (int millies)
 Suspend execution of the Thread for the specified number of milliseconds. More...
Semaphore Semaphore_create (int initialValue)
void Semaphore_wait (Semaphore self)
void Semaphore_post (Semaphore self)
void Semaphore_destroy (Semaphore self)