Monthly Archives: December 2013

Version 0.6 released

After two months without a new version I released a new version today. This version provides a lot of enhancements especially for the client API. But also the server side API changed. Both APIs should be much more usable now. Also included are a lot of bug fixes for problems reported by users and a simple demo application to control the LEDs of a BeagleBone or BeagleBone black with IEC 61850 (a post with detailed instructions will follow soon).
The release plan has also been changed a bit. Originally I planned this release as version 0.5.4. But since a lot of new features have been introduced and also the API changed in an incompatible way (concerning server side callbacks) I decided to release this version as 0.6. The support for TLS has been postponed to a later release. The next major release will focus on support for buffered reporting.