Monthly Archives: August 2015

HydroInterOp examples for hydro-power plant modeling

I uploaded HydroInterOp examples for libiec61850. These examples are provided by Denis Francesconi (Hydro Quebec) to show how to use data models for hydro power plants based on IEC 61850-7-410. The HydroInterOp examples are a forward step in the development of inter-operable and interchangeable plant level IEDs for hydro power plants (HPP), that is one step closer to having “HPP ready” certified IEDs. HydroInterOp is based on the ongoing work within IEC-TC57 WG18 to develop an implementable hydro information model and conformance test cases based on the IEC 61850 suite. Currently the WG18 is working on a conformance test case document IEC TS 61850-10-210.
The examples work with libIEC61850 version 0.8.4 out of the box. In order to be used with more recent versions of libIEC61850 the data models (static_model.c/.h) have to be recreated by the genmodel.jar tool.

First network switch with integrated IEC 61850 protocol received UCA level A certificate.

The iGigaSwitch 1604E by Nexans Deutschland GmbH, Advanced Networking Solutions is the first network switch device with integrated IEC 61850 server and UCA level A certificate. It is using the libIEC61850 IEC 61850/MMS implementation and recently received its UCA level A certificate for edition 2 of the standard. IEC 61850 can be used to monitor and configure the proper operation of the device. This device is the next step to a substation using IEC 61850 as the only SCADA communication protocol.