Monthly Archives: May 2013

Release 0.3.3 with GOOSE publisher for Linux

This release introduces additional features for the server stack. Experimental GOOSE publisher code has been integrated. This feature is only available for Linux yet and can be disabled by a stack configuration option. Other changes include the possibility to install data attribute specific callback functions to observe successful write attempts to data attributes by MMS clients. Also the reporting module has been improved.

Released version 0.3.2

This release contains support functions for handling MMS time data types. It also contains bug fixes for report handling and COTP layer. Also the server side report handling code has been extended. The new Semaphore type has been added to the Thread API. This is used by the server code for internal synchronization. See also CHANGELOG for more details. Also I would like to thank all the people who provided feedback and bug reports!

Version 0.3.1 released

This release improves the server support for reports. Also basic support for the IEC 61850 control model is included in this release. The direct control model is now supported. Support for more elaborated control models is prepared. The server has also been tested on a ARM7 based ucLinux system.
The IEC 61850 server tutorial now reflects the API changes.

Version 0.3 released

This release contains a lot of bug fixes. The server now contains basic support for unbuffered reporting (event triggered messages sent by the server). Some addional ACSI data types were added so the server stack should be compatible to more elaborated data models. The MMS client code and API now supports the handling of MMS information reports. See the CHANGELOG file for a more detailed description of changes.

In the next upcoming releases I plan to integrate the following changes:

  • support for buffered reporting
  • integration of GOOSE publisher code in the server
  • IEC 61850 client API