Latest versions

lib60870.NET-2.1.0.tar.gz (released 2018-04-19) lib60870.NET version 2.1.0 source distribution (C#/.NET library for IEC 60870-5-101/104)

libiec61850-1.1.2.tar.gz (released 2018-03-12) libIEC61850 version 1.1.2 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

libiec61850-doc-html-1.1.2.tar.gz (released 2018-03-12) libIEC61850 version 1.1.2 HTML API reference manual

lib60870-2.0.0.tgz (released 2018-01-24) lib60870 version 2.0.0 source distribution (C library for IEC 60870-5-101/104)

Older versions

libiec61850-1.1.1.tgz (released 2017-12-14) libIEC61850 version 1.1.1 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

html-1.1.1.tgz (released 2017-12-14) libIEC61850 version 1.1.1 HTML API reference manual

lib60870-0.9.4.tgz (released 2017-03-16) lib60870 version 0.9.4 source distribution (library for IEC 60870-5-104)

libiec61850-1.1.tgz (released 2017-08-25) libIEC61850 version 1.1 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

html-1.1.0.tgz (released 2017-08-25) libIEC61850 version 1.1 HTML API reference manual

hydrointerop-examples-1.0.tgz (released 2015-08-14) HydroInterOp examples for libiec61850

libiec61850-1.0.1.tgz (released 2017-03-13) libIEC61850 version 1.0.1 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

html-1.0.1.tgz (released 2017-03-13) libIEC61850 version 1.0.1 HTML API reference manual

lib60870-0.9.3.tgz (released 2016-12-15) lib60870 version 0.9.3 source distribution (library for IEC 60870-5-104)

libiec61850-1.0.0.tgz (released 2016-11-07) libIEC61850 version 1.0.0 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

html-1.0.0.tgz (released 2016-11-07) libIEC61850 version 1.0.0 HTML API reference manual

lib60870-0.9.2.tgz (released 2016-12-05) lib60870 version 0.9.2 source distribution (library for IEC 60870-5-104)

lib60870-0.9.1.tgz (released 2016-11-03) lib60870 version 0.9.1 source distribution (library for IEC 60870-5-104)

libiec61850-0.9.3.tgz (released 2016-10-04) libIEC61850 version 0.9.3 source distribution (library for IEC 61850)

html-0.9.3.tgz (released 2016-10-04) libIEC61850 version 0.9.3 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850- (released 2016-06-21) libIEC61850 version source distribution

html-0.9.2.tgz (released 2016-06-11) libIEC61850 version 0.9.2 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.9.2.tgz (released 2016-06-11) libIEC61850 version 0.9.2 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2016-05-23) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.9.1.tgz (released 2016-05-06) libIEC61850 version 0.9.1 source distribution

html-0.9.1.tgz (released 2016-05-06) libIEC61850 version 0.9.1 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850- (released 2016-02-15) libIEC61850 version source distribution

html-0.9.0.tgz (released 2016-02-02) libIEC61850 version 0.9.0 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850- (released 2016-02-04) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.9.0.tgz (released 2016-02-02) libIEC61850 version 0.9.0 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2015-12-02) libIEC61850 version source distribution

html-0.8.7.tgz (released 2015-10-10) libIEC61850 version 0.8.7 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.7.tgz (released 2015-10-30) libIEC61850 version 0.8.7 source distribution

libiec61850-0.8.6.tgz (released 2015-06-04) libIEC61850 version 0.8.6 source distribution

html-0.8.6.tgz (released 2015-06-04) libIEC61850 version 0.8.6 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.5.tgz (released 2015-02-25) libIEC61850 version 0.8.5 source distribution

html-0.8.5.tgz (released 2015-02-25) libIEC61850 version 0.8.5 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.4.tgz (released 2015-02-09) libIEC61850 version 0.8.4 source distribution

html-0.8.4.tgz (released 2015-02-09) libIEC61850 version 0.8.4 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.3.tgz (released 2014-12-08) libIEC61850 version 0.8.3 source distribution

html-0.8.3.tgz (released 2014-12-08) libIEC61850 version 0.8.3 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.2.tgz (released 2014-11-25) libIEC61850 version 0.8.2 source distribution

html-0.8.2.tgz (released 2014-11-25) libIEC61850 version 0.8.2 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.1.tgz (released 2014-10-31) libIEC61850 version 0.8.1 source distribution

html-0.8.1.tgz (released 2014-11-10) libIEC61850 version 0.8.1 HTML API reference manual

libiec61850-0.8.0.tgz (released 2014-09-03) libIEC61850 version 0.8.0 source distribution

html-0.8.0.tgz (released 2014-09-03) libIEC61850 version 0.8.0 html API reference manual

libiec61850-0.7.8.tgz (released 2014-07-30) libIEC61850 version 0.7.8 source distribution

html-0.7.8.tgz (released 2014-07-30) libIEC61850 version 0.7.8 html API reference manual

libiec61850-0.7.7.tgz (released 2014-07-11) libIEC61850 version 0.7.7 source distribution

html-0.7.7.tgz (released 2014-07-11) libIEC61850 version 0.7.7 html API reference manual

libiec61850-0.7.6.tgz (released 2014-05-14) libIEC61850 version 0.7.6 source distribution

html-0.7.6.tgz (released 2014-05-14) libIEC61850 version 0.7.6 html API reference manual

libiec61850-0.7.5.tgz (released 2014-04-25) libIEC61850 version 0.7.5 source distribution

libiec61850-0.7.4.tgz (released 2014-04-17) libIEC61850 version 0.7.4 source distribution

libiec61850-0.7.3.tgz (released 2014-04-02) libIEC61850 version 0.7.3 source distribution

libiec61850-0.7.2.tgz (released 2014-03-07) libIEC61850 version 0.7.2 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2014-02-22) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.7.1.tgz (released 2014-02-17) libIEC61850 version 0.7.1 source distribution

libiec61850-0.7.tgz (released 2014-02-02) libIEC61850 version 0.7 source distribution

libiec61850-0.6.tgz (released 2013-12-12) libIEC61850 version 0.6 source distribution

libiec61850-0.5.3.tgz (released 2013-10-13) libIEC61850 version 0.5.3 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2013-09-16) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.5.2.tgz (released 2013-09-09) libIEC61850 version 0.5.2 source distribution

libiec61850-0.5.1.tgz (released 2013-09-04) libIEC61850 version 0.5.1 source distribution

libiec61850-0.5.tgz (released 2013-08-25) libIEC61850 version 0.5 source distribution

libiec61850-0.4.1.tgz (released 2013-07-01) libIEC61850 version 0.4.1 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2013-06-21) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2013-06-19) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.4.tgz (released 2013-06-16) libIEC61850 version 0.4 source distribution

libiec61850- (released 2013-06-02) libIEC61850 version source distribution

libiec61850-0.3.3.tgz (released 2013-05-28) libIEC61850 version 0.3.3 source distribution

libiec61850-0.3.2.tgz (released 2013-05-24) libIEC61850 version 0.3.2 source distribution

libiec61850-0.3.1.tgz (released 2013-05-14) libIEC61850 version 0.3.1 source distribution

libiec61850-0.3.tgz (released 2013-05-05) libIEC61850 version 0.3 source distribution

libiec61850-0.2.1.tgz (released 2013-04-01) libIEC61850 version 0.2.1 source distribution

libiec61850-0.2.tgz (released 2013-03-24) libIEC61850 version 0.2 source distribution

libiec61850-0.1.1.tgz (released 2013-03-10) libIEC61850 version 0.1.1 source distribution

libiec61850-0.1.tgz (released 2013-03-03) libIEC61850 version 0.1 source distribution


Changes to version 1.1.1

  • IEC 61850 client: fixed bug in APC control handling
  • IEC 61850 client: ClientReportControlBlock now accepts “$” and “.” as seperator for RCB object reference
  • MMS client: fixed bug in MmsConnection_connect (COTP payload buffer was not reset in case of an error during connect -> connection failed in case of reuse of MmsConnection object
  • MMS client: delete named variable list service supports VMD specific lists
  • SV subscriber/publisher: additional features and bug fixes
  • SV: fixed data type for smpRate
  • SV: fixed encoding of optional smpMod attribute
  • SV receiver: Added semaphore to make subscriber list thread-safe
  • .NET API: ControlObject implements IDisposable interface
  • IED server: added new function IedServer_udpateDbposValue
  • fixed problem with cmake include folders
  • MMS client: file services -fixed encoding problem with long file names
  • MMS server: ACSE authenticator passes application reference (ap-title and ae-qualifier)
  • example directory cleanup
  • MMS: fixed potential memory leak in asn1 code that can be caused by malformed MMS messages
  • MMS client: MmsConnection_getVariableAccessAttributes support for VMD specific variables
  • Java SCL parser: added support for “Val” elements for Octet64 types

Changes to version 1.1

  • MMS client/server: added write support for named variable lists
  • IEC 61850 client/server: added support for SetDataSet service
  • C# API: client – added support to write data set values
  • IEC 61850 client: Changed result strings of IedConnection_getDataDirectoryByFC. Removed appended FC string.
  • MMS client/server: extended BER encoder to support MMS PDU sizes with more than 64k
  • C# API: server – keep references to internal control handler delegates to avoid garbage collection
  • IEC 61850 server: added IedModel_getDeviceByInst function
  • SV subscriber: added subscriber side handling for RefrTm
  • SV publisher: Changed SampledValuesPublisher_create to support setting of Communication parameters at runtime
  • socket-win32: updated WSA initialization handling
  • all: small fixes and code optimizations
  • server: added MmsFileAccessHandler for server side monitoring and control of file services
  • file services: added support to set filestore basepath at runtime
  • added IedConnection_getFileDirectoryEx to better control receiving file directories
  • common: added timestamp handling functions Timestamp_create, Timestamp_destroy, Timestamp_setByMmsUtcTime, Timestamp_toMmsValue
  • .NET API: Added Timestamp class
  • .NET API: Added missing UpdateAttribute methods to IedServer
  • common: added support for Currency BasicType
  • MMS file services: fixed problem with negative frsmId
  • java scl tools: fixed bug with SDOs in dynamic code generator
  • java scl tools: fixed parsing bug in
  • server: added functions to restrict local IP address IedServer_setLocalIpAddress, IedServer.SetLocalIpAddress
  • .NET: IedConnection: added internal reference to IsoConnectionParameters object to avoid deletion of internal AcseAuthenticationParameters by garbage collector

Changes to version 1.0.1

  • server: fixed problem in COTP src/dst reference handling (returning zero src reference)
  • client: fixed problem in report handling when RCB contains no rptID
  • Python: added pyiec61850 tutorial and example thanks to C├ędric Boudinet
  • .NET API: fixed server side bug with connection indication handler
  • added Lantronix XPORT PRO uclinux make target
  • .NET API: fixed bug in client readValue functions
  • .NET API: added MmsValue.GetDataAccessError() method

Changes to version 1.0.0

  • MMS client/server: implemented obtainFile servic
  • client/server: implemented setFile service
  • fixed bug in MmsValue_getNumberOfSetBits
  • hardened client report handling
  • added FileSystem_writeFile function required for obtainFile service
  • added server1 example for .NET
  • fixed problems in windows .def files

Changes to version 0.9.3

  • .NET API: server side API
  • .NET API: client side support for log service
  • server: added maximum number of log entries for log service
  • client: added callback to provide user access to raw MMS functions
  • SV: added FLOAT64 support

Changes to version 0.9.2

  • client/server: support for MMS journals and IEC 61850 log service
  • Abstract interface for log storage providers: logging_api.h and LogStorage class
  • log storage implementation using sqlite
  • server: negative delete data set response is now compatible with new test procedures (TPCL 1.1)
  • FileSystem API is now intended to access the complete file system. Path translation for VMD filestore is done by MMS file service implementation (removed FileSystem_setBasePath function)
  • added CDC_DPL_create function
  • MMS server: fixed race condition when opening/closing connections in multi-threaded configuration.
  • client: IedConnection_readObject and IedConnection_getVariableSpecification functions can now be applied to whole LNs
  • client: GetLogicalNodeDirectory for data set and log ACSI classes will not use cached model data but request the information from server. This way the client can get up to date information about newly created dynamic data sets
  • changed HAL thread implementation for bsd to be compatible with MacOS X 10.10
  • fixed problem with test case sSgN4: return temporarily-unavailable when no EditSG is selected
  • fixed bug in ethernet_win32.c

Changes to version

  • fixed seg fault bug (introduced in 0.9.1) in unbuffered reporting

Changes to version 0.9.1

  • client: added function MmsConnection_getMmsConnectionParameters
  • client: new functions to reset synchro and interlock bits for control clients
  • some extensions to C# API
  • integrated some under the hood changes to be more compliant with certification tests.
  • added CMake recipe to create python bindings
  • added functions MmsValue_encodeMmsData, MmsValue_decodeMmsData to serialize/deserialize MmsValue objects to BER encoded MMS Data
  • changed signature of IedConnection_deleteDataSet, MmsConnection_deleteAssociationSpecificNamedVariableList, MmsConnection_deleteNamedVariableList. Added boolean return value to indicate if data set/named variable list has been deleted.

Changes to version 0.9

  • Sampled values subscriber code
  • Experimental sampled values publisher and MMS SVCB code
  • server: support for VMD scope data sets (MMS named variable lists)
  • .NET API: added MmsConnection.setLocalDetail and MmsConnection.getLocalDetail
  • example server/sv publisher according to IEC 61850-9-2LE
  • server: multi-threaded configuration now uses select instead of socket polling
  • .NET API: some additional methods for MmsValue class
  • server: fixed bug with nested directories in file service
  • mms_utility: added read file directory feature
  • SCL parser/modelviewer: show unused types in SCL file
  • server: fixed some problems related to buffered reporting UCA test cases
  • other bug fixes

Changes to version 0.8.7

  • client: added client side control service support for edition 1 and 2 APC CDCs
  • client: ControlObjectClient uses GetVarSpec instead of GetNameList and ReadData to get required information from the server (compatible with more server implementations)
  • client: Added function ControlObjectClient_useConstantT to support constant T parameter during a control sequence (required my some non-standard conformant servers)
  • server: Fixed problem with SqNum in RCBs and reports
  • windows file provider now supports unicode file name and converts them to UTF-8
  • some small API changes (some char* parameter became const char*; new function ClientReport_getDataSetName)
  • client API: added function ClientReport_getDataSetName
  • .NET API: new methods Report.GetDataSetName, ReportControlBlock.GetEntryID, ReportControlBlock.SetEntryID, Dispose methods for ReportControlBlock and IedConnection classes
  • .NET API: fixed bug with garbage collected CommandTerminationHandler
  • server: getNameList response with alphabetically sorted variable names (configurable by CONFIG_MMS_SORT_NAME_LIST option)
  • server: only client that set EditSG can change EditSG and modify variables with FC=SE
  • server: changed ControlObjectClient_create function: doesn’t read “Oper” and uses GetVarSpec instead of GetNameList service
  • extended beoglebone demo (write access to GAPC settings, …)
  • server: File service: support for wildcard character (‘*’) in requests; support for flat file list
  • server: changed signature of WriteAccessHandler: Handler now returns MmsDataAccessError instead of boolean value!
  • server: added function IedModel_setIedNameForDynamicModel
  • and some more small changes and bug fixes

Changes to version 0.8.6

  • demos: extended beaglebone demo to use SBO control
  • common: fixed bug that led to wrong encoding of large unsigned integer values on big endian systems
  • server: fixed server crash problem when read request contains only LN but no FC
  • server: fixed server sending empty report when RCB is disabled while report is pending during bufTm
  • server: fixed server allowed creation of dynamic data set with wrong LD name
  • server: sending type-inconsistent instead of unknown-error when receiving a write request with invalid value type
  • server: fixed server side SBO control handling code provides wrong ClientConnection object to PerformCheckHandler
  • client: fixed client does not correctly handle GCBs for edition 1 devices. Also will fail for edition 2 devices when optional elements are missing.
  • GOOSE subscriber: fixed – subscriber rejects messages with trailing data (like PRP trail)
  • server: added support for multiple data models with static model generator.
  • client: added function ClientReport_getBufOvfl to client API
  • .NET: added support to access report entry ID

Changes to version 0.8.5

  • server/GOOSE: better support for GOOSE minTime, maxTime
  • server/GOOSE: it is now configurable which GoCB elements are writable
  • server: fixed problem (buffer overflow) with large report data sets
  • server: improved memory handling in report generation module
  • server/GOOSE: added IedServer_setGooseInterfaceId to change ethernet interface for GOOSE at runtime
  • server: fixed bug in delete data set service (server crashed when client sent an unknown LD name)
  • client: fixed memory leak in IedConnection_readDataSetValues function
  • server: fixed memory alignement problem for buffered reporting on ARM platform
  • client: fixed timeout bug in Socket_connect functions
  • windows: fixed problem with non-blocking socket send function on windows (as a consequence COTP fragmentation and file read service didn’t work on the windows platform).

Changes to version 0.8.4

  • server: implemented all optional report elements for buffered reporting
  • server: fixed bug (server crash) for buffered reporting of integer values
  • client: client closes socket after timeout when sending an ABORT message
  • common: removed wrong transport disconnect parameter from session FINISH message
  • client: LastApplError contrlObj detection is now more robust
  • SCL parser: parser consider default values from “DataTypeTemplates” section
  • server: now sending error message when client sends a getDataDefinition with wrong domain name
  • server: fixed standard deviations in unbuffered reporting
  • server: predefined data sets can contain element of multiple logical devices
  • MMS server: added callbacks for deletion and creation of new data sets (named variable lists)
  • and a lot of small bug fixes

Changes to version 0.8.3

  • client: better support for optional report elements
  • server: fixed some minor problems with reporting
  • C# API: Fixed report handler and other problems in C# wrapper layer
  • C# API: Fixed problem with data set creation
  • server: support for association specific data sets in reports
  • server: added bufOvl support for buffered reporting
  • server: added support for data-references in reports
  • server: fixed server crash when client tries to read structured SE variables
  • SCL: configuration file creator supports default values from SCL type templates

Changes to version 0.8.2

  • Client: Added adjustable timeout to connect functions
  • Client: Support for T selectors with different size than two bytes
  • GOOSE publisher: added support for explicit GoID
  • GOOSE subscriber: refactored subscriber
  • Server: Added support for setting groups
  • Server: Added support for data references in reports
  • SCL parser: support for “Val” attributes in DA type definitions
  • Server: Added function to disable all GOOSE publishing
  • Client/Server: added helper functions for Dbpos
  • C# API: more features and improved stability

Changes to version 0.8.1

  • IEC 61850/MMS client: IedConnection and MmsConnection objects can now be reused
  • reorganization of library header files
  • C# API provides support for bit string and octet string data type
  • IEC 61850 client/server: Added support for CommandTermination-
  • C# API added handler for CommandTermination messages
  • IEC 61850 server: IED name for static device model can now be configured at runtime
  • Client/server: Fixed problem with association specific data sets
  • GOOSE: fixed triggering GOOSE reports for data set members without trigger condition set
  • Linux/Windows/BSD: added support for select based socket read (reduces CPU load)
  • C# API added support for file services
  • a lot of small bug fixes

Changes to version 0.8.0

  • HAL: socket layer. Some changes. read and accept are now non-blocking. Changes the standard implementations (Linux/POSIX, WIN32, BSD) accordingly
  • server stack: added single-threaded and threadless operation modes to better fit to resource constraint devices (added new configuration options CONFIG_MMS_SINGLE_THREADED and CONFIG_MMS_THREADLESS_STACK)
  • some small changes in server side control model handling (ControlHandler return values and behaviour) to enable threadless and single-threaded operation.
  • C# client API extended and XML documentation completed
  • some smaller bug fixes and extensions

Changes to version 0.7.8

  • IED client: added client side support for Ed.1 compliant control (client side automatically detects if a control is ed1 or ed2 compliant)
  • Tools: SCL parser throws exceptions if names are defined multiple times in the same context
  • build support for FreeBSD (gmake and cmake)
  • server: fixed BER encoding problen in file close/delete response messages
  • server: fixed wrong reason-for-inclusion encoding for GI/integrity reports in buffered reporting
  • server: fixed endianess issue with report entry id
  • Configuration tools: fixed bug in static model generator – generator does not create RCBs for all logical devices
  • mms server: added support for vmd-scope named variables
  • mms server: support for standard MMS get-name-list behaviour (no flat address space)
  • common: refactored MmsValue string handling
  • some small extensions to C# client API

Changes to version 0.7.7

  • client: fixed encoding bug in file close service
  • Configuration tools: fixed code generator problem with index report control blocks
  • Configuration tools: fixed problem with multiple data sets in a logical node
  • Configuration tools: configuration file generator can now handle arrays of data objects
  • Configuration tools: configuration file generator does now properly define predefined unicode strings
  • removed some older functions of client API report setup in favor of ClientReportControlBlock
  • client side report handling does no longer require to read the data set before reports can be received
  • added preview version of C# client API
  • added support (HAL) for Mac OS X (thanks to Michael Clausen – HES-SO Valais-Wallis)
  • some fixes in server side report handling (data set containing complex data attributes or FCDOs)
  • buffered reporting: fixed problem when buffer can only hold a single entry
  • fixed problem in function MmsValue_cloneToBuffer used by buffered reporting
  • fixed problem in GOOSE publisher (sqNum starts with 1 instead of 0)
  • added convenience methods IedServer_updateInt64AttributeValue and IedServer_updateVisibleStringAttributeValue
  • added conditional extern “C” declaration to header files for use in C++ projects
  • server now closes TCP socket after sending the ACSE release message
  • and a lot of other small changes and bug fixes

Changes to version 0.7.6

  • Server: fixed bug: authenticator will be called and can accept client connection even if no authentication value is provided
  • Tools: SCL parser accepts SCL files without communication section
  • Server: fixed missing support for nested control objects (required to support IEC 61400-25-2)
  • client API: fixed some bugs in client API functions of version 0.7.5
  • client API: added support to receive CommandTermination message of enhanced control models
  • server API: new function to get access to DataAttribute references without knowing the IED name
  • some other small changes…

Changes to version 0.7.5

  • Client API: added convenience functions to avoid direct handling with MmsValue instances
  • Added timestamp handling functions
  • Configuration tools (genmodel/genconfig) allow specification of access point and IED for SCL files containing more then one IED / access point
  • client/server: COTP layer is now more efficient
  • added server example to illustrate using arrays of data objects
  • MMS server: fixed potential dead-lock problem server side
  • IED server: solved problem that client writes didn’t trigger a report
  • MMS server: fixed problem in fileDirectory response
  • server: removed optional transfer syntax field in ACSE layer to improve compatibility with some clients
  • some other smaller bug fixes …

Changes to version 0.7.4

  • Configurations tools: fixed bug with default values and short addresses for sub data objects and sub data attributes
  • DLL build with Visual Studio now exports functions
  • server stack is more configurable (some services can be excluded to reduce binary size)
  • improved doxygen documentation
  • Client API: control service supports originator value (orIdent/orCat)
  • Server: control service checks for valid originator value
  • fixed problem with blocking client abort function
  • Server API: helper functions for dynamic data model creation now contains support for most CDCs of IEC 61850-7-3 (Ed.2)
  • Client API: client report structure now provides access to report timestamp
  • Configuration tool: fixed data set problem with static model generator of 0.7 series
  • fixed some other minor problems …

Changes to version 0.7.3

  • Server/Client: MMS deleteFile and renameFile services
  • IEC client API: deleteFile ACSI service
  • Client/Server API: added Quality data type and handling functions
  • Server API: added IedServer_updateQuality, IedServer_updateFloatAttributeValue.. convenience functions
  • fixed bug when compiling for big endian systems
  • extended cmake builder (contains some experimental configuration options)
  • added install target to cmake and make build systems.

Changes to version 0.7.2

    • Server API: added API to create data models at runtime
    • Server: added some helper functions to create common CDCs at runtime
    • Server/Server API: added configuration file parser
    • Server: Implemented AcseAuthenticator to provide more flexible authentication and access control schemes
    • Server: added windows support for file services (both for Visual Studio and MinGW)
    • Server/Tools: Added access to data attributes by simple integer short addresses (“sAddr” SCL file attribute)
    • Tools: added configuration file generator tool
    • Added examples for using file services and dynamic model features
    • GOOSE publisher: fixed bug – sending wrong confRef field

Changes to version

      • Server: fixed long term stack memory leak present in versions 0.7 and 0.7.1

Changes to version 0.7.1

      • Server API: Added IedServer_getFunctionalConstrainedData function to simplify handling of arrays of data objects.
      • Client API: Made connection parameters for ACSE and lower layers fully configurable (AP-title, AEQualifier, PSel, SSel, TSel) by API – required to be compatible with some servers
      • MMS server: made number of concurrent TCP connections configurable by CONFIG_MAXIMUM_… define
      • MMS client/server: added MMS status services
      • MMS server: made MMS identify service optional
      • added file access abstraction to HAL
      • MMS client/server: added getFileDirectory, fileOpen, fileRead, fileClose services
      • Client/server: added GetFile ACSI service

Changes to version 0.7

      • Server: added support for buffered reporting
      • Server: Bug fix: trigger reasons for reports are taken from SCL file
      • Server/Server API: added callback to perform access control on write access
      • Server/Server API: added default access policies to writable FCs
      • Client API: get/setGoCBValues ACSI services – new ClientGooseControlBlock class
      • Client API: added callbacks for connection losses
      • GOOSE Subscriber: API change -> use GoCBReference instead of DataSetReference to identify a GOOSE message
      • GOOSE Subscriber: Bug fix: Linux driver now switches interface to promiscuous mode.
      • MMS Client: improved buffer handling
      • MMS Client/MMS Client API: Added functions to browse and read VMD scope variables
      • Client/Client API/Server: Implemented ABORT and RELEASE services
      • Client API: Allows definition of association specific data sets
      • MMS Client API: Removed all occurances of MmsIndication type in MMS client API

Changes to version 0.6

      • Client API: getDataSetDirectory ACSI service
      • Client API: create and delete data set ACSI services
      • Client API: added getRCBValue/setRCBValues ACSI services to improve client support for reporting
      • client side stack: improved error handling
      • Client API: Methods to allow clients track the connection state
      • Client API: Report handler provides access to reason-for-inclusion
      • Server API: added callbacks for connection events
      • Server API: new ClientConnection object that will be handed over to some callback functions to allow connection specific reactions on events -> some callback handler signatures have changed!
      • Added server side support for indexed RCBs
      • more efficient server side buffer handling
      • added BeagleBone LED control demo
      • DEBUG output can be switched on/off for specific stack components
      • … and a lot of small improvements and bug fixes

Changes to version 0.5.3

      • MMS client/server: multiple variables can be written with a single MMS write request
      • changed encoding of boolean to be compatible with buggy server devices
      • added TCP keep alive support to MMS client
      • added IedConnection_triggerGIReport function
      • some enhancements in server side report handling
      • some bug fixes

Changes to version

      • all examples can now be compiled with VC++
      • CMake script supports GOOSE for Windows if winpcap is available

Changes to version 0.5.2

      • fixed problem when compiling with MINGW
      • changed order of FC named variables according to standard
      • fixed some other compatibility problems
      • allows read access to sub-elements of control variables
      • allows write access to GoCB if the control block is not enabled
      • allows dynamically generated datasets to be used with GOOSE

Changes to version 0.5.1

      • made code compatible with Visual Studio C++ (tested with versions 2010/2012)
      • added new build system based on cmake. It is now possible to create solution and project files for different versions of Visual Studio as well as for other IDEs/toolchains
      • fixed interoperability problem in ACSE layer
      • added server side support to use dynamically created data sets in reports (addSubscription service according to IEC 61400-25)

Changes to version 0.5

      • client support for control
      • client support for multiple outstanding requests.
      • full server support for all control models and time avtivated control
      • added client and server support for MMS identify service
      • extended build system to build shared libraries (linux shared objects and DLLs) with “make dynlib”
      • some small bug fixes in model generator tool
      • fixed bug in handling reject messages

Changes to version 0.4.1

      • SCL parser/code generator is more tolerant
      • ubrcb supports resv handling
      • fixed problems in presentation layer
      • fixed problems when running on 64 bit systems

Changes to version

      • removed too strict requirements in accepting session layer accept message client side (caused interoperability problems with some server stacks)
      • fixed memory management bugs in client and server code

Changes to version

      • fixed problem in client association request message in new presentation layer code
      • MMS read access to GoCB and control objects is now more flexibel to be compatible with more clients

Changes to version 0.4

      • GOOSE publisher for windows based on winpcap
      • GOOSE subscriber for linux and windows
      • Started to implement a IEC 61850 client API (supported functions yet: read/write variables, simple model discovery functions, support for receiving reports)
      • reimplemented presentation layer and ACSE for more efficient memory handling.
      • changed error handling in MMS client

Changes to version

      • fixed bug in MMS client that causes a segmentation fault when the connection to the server cannot be established.

Changes to version 0.3.3

      • added callback facility to observe write access to individual data attributes.
      • added experimental GOOSE publisher code for Linux. The server also exposes configuration parameters with the GoCB.
      • server now respects the “BufTm” parameter as set by the client or SCL file. This allows related events to be accumulated for the period of time specified by “BufTm” and reported in a single report message.

Changes to version 0.3.2

      • added support functions for MMS time types (MMS_BINARY_TIME and MMS_UTC_TIME).
      • improved server side support for reporting. Reports can now contain TimeOfEntry values. The server now respects most of the options for reports set by the client.
      • added Semaphore functions to HAL API (thread.h). Semaphores are used by the server stack for internal synchronization.
      • fixed bugs in code that is responsible for remote access to report control blocks.
      • fixed bug in COTP code when TPDU size is larger than 1024 bytes. TPDU size can now be as large as 16384 bytes.
      • fixed bug in Hal_getTimeInMs function for Windows. Windows filetime value will now be correctly converted.
      • fixed problems with read access to complex array types (arrays of constructed attribute classes).

Changes to version 0.3.1

      • better support for reporting – more options are possible, reason code can be included in reports
      • basic support for control model (operate) in server and server API
      • added server example for control model (server_example3)

Changes to version 0.3

      • changed server API, access to data model now via handles
      • SCL file parser supports buffered and unbuffered report control blocks
      • server support for unbuffered reporting (supported triggers are GI, integrity and value update)
      • MMS client support for MMS information reports
      • MMS stack supports fragmented transmission for MMS getNameList service
      • new structure of examples directory -> each example has its own directory and Makefile
      • server support for additional ACSI types -> better support for IEC 61850 data models
      • server enforces write access restrictions to the IEC 61850 data model based on functional constraints.
      • and a lot of bug fixes

Changes to version 0.2.1

      • Fixed bug in SCL file parser
      • Added doxygen generated documentation to source distribution

Changes to version 0.2

      • Support for association specific data sets (named variable lists)
      • Support for permanent data sets configured in SCL file
      • fixed bug when deleting data sets
      • data sets can now contain variables of different MMS domains (IEC 61850 logical devices)
      • Changed handling of MMS GetNameList service in MMS client API

Changes to version 0.1.1

    • a template project and makefile to simplify getting started with the library.
    • New implementation of the model generator tool that now contains its own SCL file parser.