New release 0.8.7

Today’s release contains a lot of changes under the hood to improve standard compliance and interoperability with other implementations. There are also a lot of small bug fixes for bugs reported by users. This release also contains some smaller API enhancements especially for the .NET API. Be aware that the server side API changed at one point – the WriteAccessHandler that is used to inform the server application that some writable data attributes are accessed. The signature of these callback has changed! There is now a user defined parameter to simplify application design. Also the return value changed so the application designer can control the return code of the negative WriteData response. Don’t forget to change your application accordingly when updating to this release. Please see also the CHANGELOG for additional information about new features and changes.

13 thoughts on “New release 0.8.7

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Log services have no priority yet. Do you have a real-world application for that?


    Yes,I want I can use well.I am trying on power quilty usage . Test use iedexplorer ,works cool.

  2. allen

    thanks for your work, i’ve learned a lot from here.I also wanna know when are you going to do the LOG model, we need it in our power quality instruments.

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Hi, yes log service is planned for the future. But there is no detailed plan for now because of other higher priority tasks.

  3. Bob Sculley

    I am using the library in a Visual Studio environment. On the 8.7 release the dotnet solution seems to be missing some files (Settings.cs, Settings.settings) in the reporting project. Can you supply a copy of the missing file(s) or let me know how to work around the issue?


    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Thank you for the hint! These files are referenced in the project files by accident and are not required. You can remove the references in the project settings or use the project file here reporting.csproj

  4. RenHui

    I find this tool by accident. And we’re researching IEC 61850 all the time and interest in it. How can I get the tool?

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