Release 0.9.3

This new release comes with server side C# API and C# support for client side logging. It also includes some smaller changes and improvements.

5 thoughts on “Release 0.9.3

  1. liuquan

    In directory “examples” of library, I can find “server_example_setting_groups” directory. but I can not find “client_example” for setting_groups.
    How to modify server’s setting_group value when I am in client?
    Sorry I am not a native english speaker. who can help me. very thanks!

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      You are right there is no example for client side setting group usage now. But it is quite simple.

      To change the active setting group you have to set the value of LLN0.SGCB.ActSG[FC=SP].

      To edit a setting group you have to:

      • select the setting group to modify by writing to LLN0.SGCB.EditSG[FC=SP]
      • modify one or more setting group values (all data attributes with FC=SE)
      • write true to LLN0.SGCB.CnfEdit[FC=SP] to confirm the new setting values

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