Update 0.8.2

The update to release 0.8.2 contains a lot of small extensions and bug fixes. Some of the most notable changes are support for setting group control, a refactoring of the GOOSE subscriber and the extensions to the C# client API.

17 thoughts on “Update 0.8.2

  1. elabbassy

    Hi Michael,
    thank you for your great efforts.
    I have successfully tested the library on windows.
    but when I want to build for WIN CE 5.0 using VS2005, CMAKE reproted for missing header files.
    I’d like to know if any one who build the library for WIN CE platform?, and what are the required modifications.
    thank you

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Sorry I have no experience with WIN CE. I don’t know if cmake can handle it. Maybe you have to create your VS projects manually.

  2. zhangxiao

    First of all thanks your work.I atempt use the iec61850_client_example_files project to test with the server_example3 project ,get file name list works well ,but use the download function to get file allways get error MMS_ERROR_FILE_FILE_NON_EXISTENT,the provesely function is MmsConnection_fileOpen,this function can not create the file. Debug into MmsConnection_fileOpen ,it is return frsmId =-1,why?So too complex in function MmsConnection_fileOpen to I can get Next setp!

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      I have seen there is a bug in the win32 socket implementation that causes some trouble with large (fragmented messages) that are used by the file services. I will fix this and provide an update soon.

  3. akaDemik

    You do not plan to use GitHub (or any other RCS-hosting) in the development of this library?
    This will allow volunteers to send bug reports and fixes.

  4. Paul

    Thanks for your work!
    Do you have any plan to add a function to subscribe GOOSE message that contains float value in the library?

  5. zhangxiao

    I tested file transfer ,works well.I wender How it is works?Server exampler2 and server example3 form those code ,I can get no idea,those code sames are same.Maybe the file service configed by services?

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      File services are enabled by default. You can disable it by setting MMS_FILE_SERVICE to 0 in stack_config.h.
      All files that are found in the folder specified by CONFIG_VIRTUAL_FILESTORE_BASEPATH are served.

  6. Ali

    Thanks for your valuable work. I have downloaded your library (latest version on the website) and was successfully able to compile on windows and matlab by creating the mexw64 file in visual studio 2013. I am struck with one confusion. I want to use the TCP/IP block of Simulink to send the goose data to remote IP. For this I have to make an output variable in the mex file which will be connected with TCP/IP block and send data. I cannot understand that how I can link with the output variable in the library (e.g. in server_example_goose.c) so that I can achieve my goal. Please help me.

  7. Ali Umair

    Thanks a lot for your reply. It help me to understand what exactly I need to do in my matlab implementation. Now the situation is that I have server function in the matlab which gives me the packets of data just like the tcp dump. So I have to decode these packets to the decode as goose packets and extract the required information. I am studying ur goose receiver and found that ‘parseAllData’ function can do it for me. Moreover I have gone through the ber_decoder function and it seems that it can help me also. I am confused now. So please help me out. Sorry for bugging you with my stupid questions.

  8. Atilio Rivarola

    title=”How to apply protocol stack on an Arduino?”
    Good morning, I am researching to apply a protocol stack on an Arduino, it could be the Arduino Mega 2560 for example. It is possible? I am not talking about a huge protocol, instead, just a part of a Protocol. Just messages GOOSE of IEC 61850 i.e.
    If you could help me, I really appreciate.
    Thank you.
    Atilio Rivarola

  9. zhangxiao

    Cool works!Some errors cames :client_example_files functions ,get Files Error.Use iedexplorer anather Open iec61850 test ,can get file but geted file is not same to the orginal file.

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