Version 1.1 of IEC 61850 library released

This new release of the IEC 61850 protocol library contains a lot of small improvements and bug fixes. New is the support of the SetDataSet service on client and server side. With this release also the limit of 64k of the MMS PDU size has been removed to support very large data sets.

8 thoughts on “Version 1.1 of IEC 61850 library released

  1. reza

    Hi I’m trying to implement a simple function of mms service of 61850 standard on microcontroller. I find out libiec61850 uses multi threading header files and functions . but i have no RTOS on microcontroller and i use c language. so how can I use libiec61850 with ansi-c ?

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Hi. You can use the server side without have threads and semaphores available. Please have a look at the “server_example_threadless” folder that is part of the source code.

      1. reza

        Hi I ran threadless example and it works properly. but I find out that hal_socket.h uses socket_win32.c but microcontroller can not support win32, also I find out that microcontroller can support Berkeley sockets(BSD) and is compatible with it. My question is that how can I use bsd socket instead of win32 socket in libiec61850? Thank you for help

  2. zhixin zhu

    Hi,I had implemented a log server,using a file to store log entries,the client can read the “log control” node,but the log control block can’t be enabled and get the log entries in the file,would you please tell me the reason? Thank you very much.

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Hi. There can be many reasons. If you are using files to store the logs you have to implement all the functions of the log API so that the library can store and retrieve the log entries. You can have a look at the sqlite implementation as an example.

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      The next version (1.2) will include support for TLS. At the moment the pre-release code can be found in the “development” branch of the github repository.

  3. Filip

    First of all great job. My problem is cannot build anymore examples in master branch on windows machine with MinGW. Any ideas where problem is?
    Thanks a lot.

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