Released version 0.4

This release contains GOOSE publisher and subscriber code for both Linux and Windows. Also a new IEC 61850 client API has been created. This API is just in the beginning but already contains functions to read and write variables, activate and receive reports, and simple data model discovery. This release also contains improvements for the ACSE and presentation layers that are now more memory efficient.

4 thoughts on “Released version 0.4

  1. stone

    Hi, friends!
    Libiec61850 is a perfect stack, and we are keeping a watchful eye on it. We build it on wxDev C++, and wxWidgets to do the GUI, and it works well.
    But, maybe the wxDev C++ compiler has a strict grammar check, so varibles must be define in the function’s first position, and some case should be include in “{ }” for inner varibables define. Some small change should be done for debug. So please suggest the default IDE for this project compile.
    A good and great job!
    Thanks for your effort!

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      The code compiles with GCC. A recent version of mingw-gcc should work for Windows.

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