Version 0.7 released

Today I am happy to announce version 0.7 of libIEC61850. The most important new features are support for buffered reporting and a very flexible mechanism to perform server-side access control to data attributes. Also the client API has been extended to provide easy access to report and GOOSE control blocks. Also included is client support for abort and release services. Next to these more visible changes also a lot of smaller changes and bug fixes have been included in this release. I also uploaded a datasheet that contains a list of the ACSI services supported by this version.

10 thoughts on “Version 0.7 released

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      Thanks for the report! But I cannot reproduce this problem. Can you explain the circumstances that led to the memory leak you observed?

      1. zcw

        I am form china, you can test speed,examples 10ms send a read dataset list commond, will can find a segment fault。

  1. sly

    I am from china.I have found a problem in goose_subscriber_example,when I publish a goose message ,using goose publisher example (msg length is 135),I set the same appid and gocbRef,but I rcvd a message with length 60 or 66 or 65(int packetSize = Ethernet_receivePacket(socket, buffer, ETH_BUFFER_LENGTH);),so it is not treated as a goose message.(I use tcpdump and wireshark at the same time,I can get the right message),
    thank you for your open source .

    1. Michael Zillgith Post author

      The new version (0.7.2) contains example code for using the file services.

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